Last year was full of unprecedented circumstances due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As the COVID numbers kept rising, many people were forced to work from home. Some businesses had to close. Some entrepreneurs decided to invest their money in cryptocurrency to cushion themselves from the pandemic’s devastating effects. It has been evident that these COVID-19 challenges will present a challenging tax season. To navigate easier your tax preparation and filing, use the best tax software in 2021. Below are some of the top tax software this season.

TurboTax Self Employed tops the list. Intuit develops this software. It’s ideal for self-employed persons or persons who operate small enterprises. For only $90, one can be able to file federal taxes. The package for the state taxes is $40. TurboTax gives a free window for the self-employed to start working on their taxes. The fee is only payable once ready to file. This software has top features. For instance, it has a live service. The purpose of the live service is to link a taxpayer with a human tax expert. TurboTax also offers excellent support to its clients. H&R Block Self Employed is another top tax software in 2021. Its packages cost $84 for federal filing, while state filings go for $36.99. One can start using the software upon downloading. Only pay once ready to file. One feature that sets apart H&R Block Self Employed is the itemization of business expenditures. Besides, it has a feature for asset depreciation. If one wants the assistance of a live tax expert, a fee of $39.99 is charged. premium is another top tax software in 2021. It’s web-only software. Its rates are $39.95 for state filings and $28.95 for state filings. Using premium, one can file an array of incomes. Such include business income, investment income, incomes from partnerships, and rental income. This software’s uniqueness is offering live help using either a phone, webchat, or mail. Moreover, if the taxman decides to audit you, they’ll step in to assist. FreeTaxUSA is another tax software that makes it to this list. One unique quality of FreeTaxUSA is that it gives guarantees. If one suffers a penalty after using their service, they’ll pay for that penalty.