Retirees can save money using these five tips.

Create a budget
Retirees should use budgets to keep their spending in check. They should take note of monthly expenses such as groceries, utilities, and memberships. They should set an upper limit on the dollars spent each month after accounting for income. Retirees need to exercise self-discipline and not go over this limit. They can think of creative ways to save money. For example, they can look for coupons when buying groceries. They can also ask about loyalty programs for their internet and phone plans.

Keep investing
Retirees do not have to immediately empty the money in their retirement accounts. They can take out some money and keep the rest invested. This strategy can help retirees save money on taxes. By investing, retirees will continue to reap the benefits of compound interest. This will help their money grow as they enjoy retirement. Portfolios should be rebalanced to be less risky. Investors can transition from stocks to bonds.

Save money before retirement
People can have a fruitful retirement by being responsible with their finances during their working years. Being frugal pays off in the long run. It enables people to funnel more money into their investment accounts. People can decrease expenses by embracing minimalism and delayed gratification. Fully pay off credit card balances every month and avoid impulse purchases.

Workers should max out their 401K contributions every year. This is a smart move if employers match contributions. Workers should also increase their income by looking for promotions or raises every few years. They should consider working for other companies if their current employer does not have opportunities available.

Work part-time
Retirement can get boring if people have nothing to do. Therefore, retirees can work part-time to keep themselves busy and simultaneously make some money. They can choose to become nannies or dog walkers. Retirees should pick jobs that are easy and stress-free.

Move into a smaller house
Living in a big house is not always glamourous. Maintaining a large estate can take a lot of time, money, and effort. By moving into a smaller house, retirees have fewer problems to worry about. Relocating can be a great idea if the new neighborhood has a low cost of living.

By following these five tips, retirees will be able to extend the lifespan of their nest eggs as they live well into their golden years.