Being a teacher is difficult, especially today. At times you may seem lost, or unsure of yourself. On other days you may just be exhausted, as spending your work week with a group of children can be tiring. Sometimes you just might not be sure how to handle teaching certain subjects or approaching certain situations within your classroom. A great way to learn more and to see the point of view of other teachers is to check out a few podcasts. Podcasts have become huge in recent years, and many teachers have taken it upon themselves to start their own shows in order to share teaching advice as well as just entertain their listeners with their crazy teaching stories. That being said, there are a myriad of podcasts about teaching out there, so here are just a few great recommendations.

Teachers In America

Teachers in America is in its fourth season and host Noelle Morris continues to listen to and learn from the teachers across the country. Each interview features a variety of personal stories and insights from the teachers, as well as new classroom observations. This is a must-listen for anyone who is interested in learning more about the work of teachers.

Ten Minute Teacher

The Ten-Minute Teacher Podcast is unique in that it features five different episodes a week, each focusing on a different theme in education. Each episode features an interview with a remarkable teacher, and this provides a lot of fresh perspectives on the subject. Each day of the week is dedicated to a different educational theme, such as motivation, education technology, great classroom environments, thought leadership, and new ideas.

House of #EdTech

The House of #EdTech is a weekly podcast that explores the various ways that educational technology is affecting both education and the workforce. Host Christopher Nesi talks with teachers, edtech creators, and other leaders about the latest trends in education technology. He also provides valuable advice and resources to help teachers use the tools that are available to them.

The Cult of Pedagogy

This weekly podcast is hosted by Jennifer Gonzalez, and she talks about the latest education reform news and the latest trends in education technology. She also interviews teachers, students, and administrators. Aside from talking about the latest trends in education technology, she also provides valuable advice and resources for teachers.